Collection Training Services Menu

1. FDCPA Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

2. FCRA Fair Credit Reporting Act

3. Telephone Technique and an effective collections telephone call

4. Role Playing

5. Vendors and collection tools

6. How to take all forms of payments including credit and debit cards, ACH and checks by phone

7. LURE – Listen, understand resolve and execute, a strategy to collect

8. Debt Purchasing

9. Motivated office environment is most important

10. Analytics, reporting comprehension and self analysis

11. Differences in India versus USA societies when it comes to debt and collections

12. The importance of proper training and continued testing

13. New business development for future growth

14. FOTI and recording all calls for training and FDCPA defensive purposes

15. Two things motivate a collector, money and new accounts

16. Licensing, bonding and errors and omissions insurance

17. Validation of debt

18. Voice and accent

19. Skip tracing

20. Managing your collection floor

21. Bankruptcy

22. Proper language / proper results

23. Talk offs for all collection scenarios

24. Understanding credit reports and how to properly use them