FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How often does CTI buy debt?
A: CTI buys debt when a customer places a order and customizes the purchase.

Q: Does CTI offer consultation services for my collection agency or if I want to buy debt for the first time?
A: Yes, CTI offers consultation services at no cost to you and is available 12 hours a day (from 9am EST – 9pm EST) and holidays if necessary.

Q: Does CTI offer collection training for our collection agency or call center?
A: Yes, CTI offers an extensive program of collection training. Our home page has a click through link to our collection services menu with over two dozen collection related items to cover.

Q: How many years of collection experience does CTI have?
A: Managing Partner, Michael Kolodin, has been in the credit and collections industry for over 35 years and CTI has been opened for 8 years.

Q: If I need collection vendor tools for my collection agency, can CTI help me?
A: Yes, we have the best practices collection vendors in the industry. This would include collection software, skip tracing, asset searches, predictive dialers, letter vendors, and merchant payment processors.