fdcpaOver the last eight years, Collection Training Institute, LLC “CTI” has become the undeniable, USA based industry leader for international coaching and collection training companies that promotes ACA professional standards and ethical behaviors and specializes in FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) training and compliance. CTI put together the first best practices collection vendors team that leveled the playing field for many of the international collection call centers and allowed them to become more competitive with their USA counterparts. These strategic collection vendor partners were a fundamental piece of the first complete end to end, turnkey collection solutions offered worldwide by CTI.

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CTI understands that collections is a very niche industry. With 35 years of credit and collections experience, CTI has the aptitude to interpret the industry properly and make proactive asset management decisions. This allows CTI to use “an out of the box” management style that sets CTI apart from the rest of the pack. CTI teaches credit and collection policies and procedures as well as rules and regulations and local, state and federal applicable laws. Our strategy and approach is to teach call center agents and collectors how to properly discuss debts with debtors. We teach the L.U.R.E. collection method, Listen, Understand, Resolve and Execute. We encourage our collection trainees to listen to their debtors and understand their circumstance so as not to make payment demands that are unreasonable. Once they understand, they resolve and then execute on the payment arrangements.

hipaaCTI also teaches HIPAA compliancy for those collecting on medical debt.